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Rural areas are likely to realize growth of demand in off-grid power solutions. This is expected to be so for remote islands (island grids) and emerging markets.

WES is a Dutch company that deals with medium sized wind turbines of between 50 to 250 kW and average output of 200.000 to 500.000 kWh per year. For over 25 years, WES has applied its turbines worldwide and thinks of solutions other than limitations. It eliminates hurdles and deals with circumstances in a proper, economical and technically viable way.

The WES hybrid wind turbines are equipped with a control cabinet (with inverters and controllers) which can also control other sources of power generation in order to create an autonomous stable grid. Furthermore, the hybrid system is making use of the company’s own WEScada monitoring and control software, which can work and communicate with other SCADA systems to help control total production.

The WES hybrid system is also able to control the output of the wind turbine. For example; If there’s wind, but no demand, the turbine can just run idle, or simply being stopped. The company works with dealers and partnerships around the world and would like to partner with professionals to present their hybrid system.

Energy storage, which is controlled by WES hybrid control system using Smart Grid Box, is essential for this system. The actual power demand on the grid is measured.

Their product range includes the WES50, WES80, WES100, and WES250 and specials such as HurricaneCrane, Tilt-Up System, HybridSystem, PassivePitch, and USP’S.

Logistic issues

– Our turbines can be equipped with a Tilt-Up system for 30 and 24 meter tower thus can be assembled on the ground floor and subsequently erected with the Tilt-up system.

– The biggest part to transport is a tower part of 11.9 meters long, diameter of 1.26 meter and a weight of 3550 kg. All the other parts are smaller and have less weight.

– In case of big storms or hurricanes, the turbine van can be lowered again with the Tilt-Up system in advance. After the storm the turbine can be erected again with the same system.

The company products are available in Africa. The company advises customers to first Check your wind resources and power demand on the project site location.


Maarten Deutekom,
Sales & Marketing Support Executive
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