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Zlatoust Plant of Concrete Mixing Equipment, LLC (ZZBO)

With its headquarters in Russia, Zlatoust plant mixing technology (ZZBO) is a company involved in the design and production of machinery and equipment. Its main activity is the manufacture of a different variety of concrete plants whose capacity range from 15 to 144 cubic meters of concrete per hour, and the manufacture of concrete plant components such as twin-shaft concrete mixers, racks, dosing complexes, cement silos, screw conveyors, blocks of cement, water and chemical batches, additives, insulation modules, heating centers, pumps and much more.

It is also involved in the manufacture of a very wide range of equipment for the production of building material e.g. concretes and mortars, stabilized soil, asphalt, pavement tiles, road curb wall building block, cinder block, foundation blocks and rings Pit among others.  Its product catalog also has vibration presses, silos for storing cement, metering systems, mixers, belt conveyors, feeders, screw conveyors, steam generators, etc.

The company’s factory covers an area of more than 22,000 m2 and it is equipped with modern technology manufacturing equipment such as CNC machining centers, semiautomatic welding stations, CNC plasma cutting unit, CNC guillotines and bending machines, CNC band saws, foundry, paint shop with shot blasting and a spray booth, powder coating workshop and parts galvanizing workshop among others.

ZZBO technological process is an optimal production scheme that allows the company to reduce the costs of production, sales, and logistics, so the customer receives products at the lowest prices and with high quality.

The enterprise serves the entire Russian Federation and exports its products and services to other countries across the globe either directly or through its network of dealers and distributors. It has so far successfully served countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Guinea, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Maldives, Tanzania, Uganda, and Egypt among many others.

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