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Australian Pump Industries

Australian pump Industries commonly known as Aussie Pumps, began trading in 1993 with a clear mission…

Explosion at Ghana’s Achimota Sub-station interrupts supply

Several parts of Accra are likely to remain in darkness for a while longer as…

Angola’s energy sector gets US$1 bn boost from ADB

The Angolan Energy Sector is set to face some improvements following the approval of a…

Avelar Energy first direct venture in Africa

Building of a 166kwp roof top photo voltaic has been commissioned by power producer Avelar…

Symbion Power ventures into Nigerian electricity transmission

Symbion Power, an American electricity generation, transmission and distribution company with operations throughout Africa, has…


SunPumps, Inc. manufactures the the highest quality solar pumps in the industry. Their products are…


Construction leads listed here are necessary to give any business in the construction industry the direction to take when looking for new business. Just imagine if there was no source of information on construction project leads everyone who have to go through the laborious task of walking the streets to identify construction sites, get the list of companies involved and then go back to the office to call them up. There are mega projects to choose from as well as the more regular types of projects.

The project leads cover

  • high rise office blocks
  • multi-use high rise buildings
  • schools and universities
  • malls
  • hospitals
  • roads
  • railroads
  • bridges
  • HEP dams
  • Wind farms
  • Solar farms
  • Nuclear energy projects
  • and many others

We categorise the project leads according to regions that include countries in

  • Africa
  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • Other regions

Once you search our construction leads and identify projects that are about to start, have started or have even been completed you can then determine whether there is an opportunity for you to turn those leads to potential sales opportunities. ITs as simple as that.

For some of the project leads we list the developer, contractor and project managers giving you the chance to call them up and introduce your company and add them into your business network

We list construction project leads in USA a market that is colossal with projects with price tags ranging in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The construction project leads in Africa offer you the most nascent market where the projects range from housing to infrastructure. The needs here are endless and so are the opportunities

So if you are looking for construction leads in Europe, Africa or Asia you’ll find them here updated daily giving your business a head start in the hunt for new business that can bring in double digit growth figures for your bottom line.

The construction leads offered are valuable to consultants, machinery and plant suppliers as well as construction material suppliers.

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