$126 Million Amahoro National Stadium Renovation in Rwanda Nears Completion

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Rwanda is almost set to have a fully refurbished National Stadium that meets both the FIFA and World Athletic Federation standards before the stated August deadline following the Amahoro National Stadium Renovation works that have been taking place. The face-lift works of the stadium started in 2022. Ever since August 31, 2022, major face-lift works were being conducted on the main stadium of Rwanda in order to convert it into an ultra-modern sports ground with well-equipped facilities.

The Amahoro National Stadium Renovation works included increasing the seating capacity of the Amahoro National Stadium from 25,000 to 45,000. Additionally, outer facilities were to be also improved i.e. the Petit Stade that will be utilized for the indoor sports, basketball, and the gymnasium for Paralympics, parking space, access roads, and also a perimeter fence.

Contractors for the Amahoro National Stadium Renovation

The refurbishment works are led by the Turkish firm SUMMA who are collaborating with the Rwandan local construction firms that include NPD Cotraco, Real Contractors, and Gasabo 3D Design as the overall supervisor of the renovation project. These revovation works that is being done by these firms aims to elevate the Amahoro National Stadium to the international standards.

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“We are observing the guidelines of FIFA so as to secure certification for the stadium, so as to ensure that the project once complete will have the capacity of hosting sports and events at the international level,” this was stated by Eng. Jean Claude Niyonzima who is the project manager representing Gasabo 3D on Thursday, January 11.

Amahoro National Stadium Completion Status

As revealed on Monday, January 15, he further mentioned that the completion status of the renovation works are currently at 86%. The renovation works being aimed at completing in August, the team is determined to deliver the face-lifting before this scheduled time despite the challenges they have incurred from the weather and international procurement.

Other than meeting the FIFA standards, the new Amahoro National Stadium has been designed to be able to host major athletic events, as it contains an eight-lane track for running, which is in line with the international standards.

Amahoro National Stadium New Facilities

It also contains a good number amenities that include VVIP section for dignitaries, lounges that will be utilized for business discussions and game enjoyment, and a media area that will be well-equipped for live event coverage by the press. Other features in the newly revamped stadium will include a hybrid playing surface which will be blended with natural grass and artificial turf; designed to provide extended durability and enable more playing hours compared to a 100% grass pitch. Additionally, the stadium has been installed with an automated irrigation system. The stadium has a total of 10 access points and on the inside another 10 gates have been established for people to enter the stadium.

Modern and sound lighting have been installed as well as heat insulation that will provide optimal temperature have been put in place. The conference areas, office spaces, retail spaces and other important facilities have been and will be running 24/7 so as to ensure that the stadium generates income when no sport events are taking place.

The newly revamped Amahoro National Stadium has been set up with a piling foundation technology that was employed by the construction team which involves digging more than 10 meters down and utilizing over 1,500 columns for additional stability. This technique shall prepare the stadium from seismic factors like earthquakes in case they will occur.

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Scope of the Project

Amahoro National Stadium has been greatly designed with compatibility in consideration for the integration of technologies in the future such as the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and the modern e-ticketing system.The new facility also has 10 elevators and a total of 450 specially designated seats so as to provide easy accessibility for persons with disability and any other mobility needs.

“Imigongo”, which is a Rwandan traditional art pattern, have been put at the stadium thereby enhancing its beauty with its vibrant nigh lighting adding one distinctive touch to the skyline of Kigali city. The new stadium once complete will be a major destination for leisure and entertainment. It is set to have shops, restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces that will foresee boosting of its sustainability, thereby allowing it to be functional even when there are no sporting activities.

This renovation project also entails the refurbishment of Petit Stade so as to meet the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) requirements. The old Paralympic complex was totally demolished since all of the facilities should have a uniform look and look like BK Arena in terms of design. The Petit Stade and the nearby Paralympis gymnasium were decorated with “Imigongo” similar to that of BK Arena.

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