$20.4B Jeddah Central Projects Submission Bids Commence as Competition Stiffens.

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 Jeddah Central Development Company has received contractor bids for five construction packages on Jeddah Central Projects. The competition is stiffening as bidders aim to be contracted for the five packages that are being implemented on the stadium. The project scope of the five packages entails four building projects that are deemed high profile. One of the construction projects includes the development of the sports stadium. The design of the contract was issued to GMP International last year. The engineering work on the other hand was handed out to Saudi-based company Khatib and Alami. The other packages being contracted and being bid on include the construction of an opera house as well as a museum.

The Jeddah Central Projects bids also entail the construction of the oceanarium and coral farm. The contract also entails the infrastructure works of all these projects. US-based SOM had already been appointed as the lead architects for the coral farm and oceanarium building. This is part of the Jeddah Central project as planned by the Jeddah Central Development Company. The coral farm and the oceanarium will host several features such as underwater exhibits.  Dar al-Handasah, a Dubai-based company was announced to have secured the design contract of the master plan that is linked to the first phase of the projects.

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$20.4B Jeddah Central Projects will Entail Six Districts and Other Amenities

The Jeddah Central project is aimed to have six districts once the completion of the project is done. The six districts include Central Marina, Sports Park, and Beach. The other three districts include Cultural, Creativity, and Wellness. Jeddah Central is a project being developed on a 5.7 square-kilometer construction site. It will entail 17,000 residential units and even include an opera house. It will also entail 2,700 hotel keys, a museum, and a sports stadium. The project will also host an oceanarium which is one of the major concerns for the Jeddah Central Projects. The main aim of the projects is to establish Jeddah and the Saudi Kingdom wholly as the leader in marine conservation.