$327.6 Million Abidjan Bus Rapid Transit Project Set To Commence In Côte d’Ivoire.

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The much-awaited Abidjan Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project commences as Kouakou Romain, the Director General of the Urban Mobility Authority in Greater Abidjan (Amuga), announced this vital information recently. This announcement occurred during a workshop hosted at the Hôtel Capitole in the commune of Cocody. This workshop, attended by around ten participants, played a crucial role in validating the Work Plan and the Revised Annual Budget (Ptba) for 2023. It was a pivotal step in the meticulous planning and execution of the project.

The estimated total cost of the Abidjan Bus Rapid Transit project amounts to $327.6 Million (200 billion FCfa). This includes the infrastructure such as stations, tracks, bridges, bus depots, and electrical installations. Furthermore, the project will factor in expenses related to compensating communities affected by it.

Proposed Start And Completion Dates For The Abidjan Bus Rapid Transit Project.

The project is set to commence construction in January 2024 and target completion in 2027. The project will transform urban mobility in Abidjan over a three-year period. Highlighting the significance of the BRT within the PMUA project, he acknowledged initial funding challenges. He also emphasized that the project is now on track, with the selection of construction companies nearing completion. PMUA also operates across six municipalities in the autonomous district of Abidjan, namely Yopougon, Attécoubé, Adjamé, Plateau, Cocody, and Bingerville.

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In February 2020, the initiation of the Abidjan Bus Rapid Transit Project included a total of 25 main activities. As of August 2023, the project has completed eight of these activities, with twelve currently in progress. Notable achievements include the final preliminary draft of the BRT power supply, the modification of the 4th bridge, a comprehensive study to restructure the transport network in Abidjan, and the revision of the Sotra agreement.

Activities yet to commence include the Tod study (Transit-oriented development), and training for transport stakeholders.

The Abidjan BRT is characterized as a high-level service bus system, sometimes referred to as Busway or Trambus. As the Abidjan Bus Rapid Transit project commences, the system aims to enhance transport capacity and service regularity compared to conventional bus lines.