Tender issued for Rajahmundry Airport project in India

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A tender has been issued for the construction of the Rajahmundry Airport project in India. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) issued the tender. The scope of the project features the construction of a new domestic terminal building alongside miscellaneous works at the airport.

However, the tender includes seven years of operation and maintenance for the facility in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, the project features an all-inclusive comprehensive annual maintenance (ALCMC) contract. Furthermore, it includes a defects liability (DLP) of two years.

At an estimate, the project’s cost is Rs 203.76 crore. Aside from capital construction, it is inclusive of operation as well as maintenance (O&M) alongside repair/AICMC. 

Rajahmundry Airport Project in India to surpass big city standards of airport construction 

The Rajahmundry Airport spans an area of 366 acres, about 148 ha. Its location is 18 kilometers north of Rajahmundry within the state of Andhra Pradesh. Most often, it is heavily used by the helicopters of Oil and Natural Gas Corporations (ONGC). In addition to other government agencies, for most, offshore oil exploration operations.

The AAI, the public airport operator is the largest in India. Moreover, AAI is responsible for the provision of air navigation, operation as well as management across India to 123+ airports. 

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The Final date for bid submission is by 4th May 2023. Meanwhile, the completion period for the Rajahmundry Airport Project is 24 months, inclusive of two monsoon seasons. Earlier on in January 2023, the project received a sanction of Rs 347.15 crore for its development.

While commenting on the project, MP Margani Bharat Ram confirmed that the amount was for the total development of the advanced domestic terminal building. Moreover, Margani further said that the project’s construction will be carried out on a level that not even airports in big cities have done.

Additionally, the MP explained that the project will enable passengers to go directly, even if five large flights happen to stop, all at the same time.