Alargan’s New Bridge Project In Oman Set To Commence Soon

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Alargan’s New Bridge Project In Oman has confirmed that it will officially begin soon. The brand new low-water bridge is in Muscat within a bigger project, the Telal Al Qurm development. The signature project by the Oman property developer aims to build a community, that prioritizes an exquisite living, lifestyle theme. 

As a whole, the development is also known as the ‘Irish bridge project’. Official reports reveal that development works will begin by August 20. Moreover, the four-month transformative project reports that it will, completely adhere to the Oman Highway Design Standards 2017.

Alargan‘s New Bridge Project In Oman received approval, after undergoing a compressive hydrology study. The analysis revealed that it ensures efficient water flow all year round, and especially during rainy seasons. In addition to firm and stable infrastructural development of the bridge. 

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Alargan’s New Bridge Project In Oman Total Length

Alargan’s New Bridge Project In Oman measures 4x4m with 27 cells. In regards to establishing a seamless connection to the area, the bridge is considered essentially pivotal. Furthermore, the significant development is noted to ensure the security and safety of residents within the neighborhood and area in general.

While commenting on the project, the Acting General Manager of Telal AL Qurm said that it aims to enhance as well as elevate the living experiences for investors and residents. Additionally, Engineer Maher Joujou highlighted that the development’s approval reflects unwavering commitment toward the creation of thriving communities.

Without a doubt, the company strives to showcase its dedication to overall community development. Thus, a press release statement remarked that Alargan will solely fund the bridge connection project. Currently, figures from the company’s website cite that its projects under construction boast a $792 million value. Meanwhile, the company’s assets under management sum up to a value of $157 million. 

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