Armadale Line Closure Starting November 20 Minimal Travel Impact Assured by Transport Minister

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Transport Minister Rita Saffioti has assured that the Armadale line closure starting on Monday, November 20. During the 18-month closure period, she promises minimal disruption to the commuting time of travelers.

The activities planned for the historic railway route encompass the elimination of 13 level crossings, establishment of seven fresh stations, and the incorporation of 5.5 kilometers of Perth’s inaugural elevated rail section traversing Victoria Park and Cannington. Furthermore, the project encompasses the extension of the line to Byford and the finalization of the Thornlie-Cockburn Link during the closure period.
She noted that much of the essential work involving the relocation of transmission lines and the pre-manufacturing of crucial components is already in progress, aimed at minimizing any delays in the timeline.

“When we consider the factors that can hinder the completion of major projects either at a state or national level, service relocation is often the variable that poses uncertainty upon entering a specific area,” she explained.

“Fortunately, this aspect is nearing completion, representing a substantial project in its own right. With the elimination of key risks, I’m highly optimistic that this can be accomplished within the designated 18-month timeframe.”

Operation date for the Armadale Line

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti expressed her unwavering confidence that the line would resume operations on schedule in May 2025, despite acknowledging the challenges posed by the project.

State government modelling shows Armadale passengers who catch a bus to Cockburn Station and then catch the Mandurah line will endure an additional 19 minutes in travel time to get to the city.

To enhance traffic efficiency, approximately 1.2 kilometers of priority bus lanes will be integrated along Welshpool and Shepperton roads, along with the elimination of certain right turns. Additionally, buses will be granted priority at traffic signals.

In the Armadale line corridor, the introduction of three new bus transfer stations in Armadale, Cannington, and Victoria Park is planned.

Furthermore, there will be a total of seven newly established bus routes operational along the Armadale line, in addition to the enhancement of five existing bus routes, which will offer increased services throughout the suburbs.

Additionally, the government is currently evaluating possibilities for fare relief aimed at assisting regular Armadale line passengers affected by Armadale Line Closure Starting November  20 the closure
Cannington’s representative, Bill Johnston, expressed that the local residents comprehend the necessity of experiencing disruption in order to enhance infrastructure. He highlighted the importance of investing in improved facilities instead of endlessly waiting for benefits. Johnston also commended the government’s commitment to investing in the south-east corridor, noting that this distinguishes them from both other governments and critics opposing investment in Cannington.

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