BayWa r.e. Commences construction of 188 Megawatt Wind and Solar Leading Project in Spain

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BayWa r.e. Is set to embark on its wind and solar project Spain boasting a capacity of 135 MW marking the companys onshore wind endeavor in Europe thus far. Additionally the project encompasses two farms with a combined capacity of 53 MW. Working closely with local partner CEAR, BayWa r.e. Has spearheaded the development of this pioneering initiative, poised to redefine ventures in energy


BayWa r.e. wind and solar project Spain will be equipped with eight Nordex wind turbines each collectively generating 135 MW of wind power. The two solar facilities will contribute 30 MW and 23 MW respectively to the solar generation capacity of 53 MW. Together these wind and solar installations are projected to produce 475 GWh of electricity annually. An amount sufficient to power over 121,000 households in Spain for a year.

BayWa r.e. wind and solar project Construction Cost

The investment for these five plants is estimated at, over €280 million and the renewable electricity produced will be supplied through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

BayWa r.e. Is set to construct these projects in the area beginning with the wind farm cluster. By utilizing space the installations aim to optimize project development and execution costs while improving financing conditions. The wind and solar farms will share a grid infrastructure leading to reductions, in grid related expenses.


This joint endeavor marks an achievement for .e.BayWa r.e. wind and solar project being among the first of its kind in Spain and involving project planning and execution.

BayWa r.e. wind and solar project Spain

Daniel Gäfke, Global Director of Projects and Executive Board Member at BayWa r.e. expressed enthusiasm about the projects development. He highlighted its uniqueness in Spain due, to its scale and innovative approach of combining wind and solar energy generation. The company plans to work with the community to ensure that Rueda Surs impact benefits both people and the environment by promoting biodiversity enhancing sustainability and generating employment opportunities.

The environmental permit has been approved, confirming that the project aligns with site requirements.

Completion date

All five plants are expected to be operational and linked by the end of 2025. Numerous steps will be taken to improve the environment and promote biodiversity. For instance they plan to introduce the IdentiFlight bird detection system, which uses intelligence to identify protected avian species. They will also discuss projects related to community involvement and biodiversity as development progresses and conversations, with stakeholders continue.


Alexander Rothenanger, the Global Director of IPP at BayWa r.e. expressed his enthusiasm; “We are thrilled to expand our IPP business with Rueda Sur moving closer to our goal of reaching 2 GW by 2024 – and more in the years ahead. Integrating technologies and energy sources for projects, like this is a crucial task that adds significant value to our diverse portfolio.”

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