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Riyadh Konoz City Project’s designs have been unveiled by British architecture firm, Benoy. The firm is a leading, global architectural firm with over 75 years of experience. Thus, its expertise aligns best with the entertainment city’s success.

The project forms part of a new scheme that further aligns with the wider Vision 2030 objectives that aim to position the city as a 24-hour destination to live. In addition to working, as well as shopping. Additionally, it strives to greatly support Riyadh’s entertainment and tourism industry, 

The mix-use project’s development will be by one of the region’s largest shopping mall operators, Abdullah Al Othaim Investment Company. Riyadh Konoz City Project’s location will be in the heart of Riyadh. Furthermore, it boasts a total investment of SAR 7 billion ($1.86 billion).

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Overview of the Riyadh Konoz City Project

Quite impressively, the project spans a total area of 50,000 square meters. Moreover. it includes 15,000 square meters of green areas. In addition to 120,000 square meters of a commercial center and parking for over 5,500 vehicles.

Furthermore, the project will feature a luxury hotel with 250 rooms alongside 120 serviced residential apartments. Taking it a notch higher, the project will include an additional 135,000 square meters of residential complex. The residency will include a total of 700 apartments. 

During the Riyadh Konoz City Project’s design unveiling, Benoy said it aims to bring together both the new and old parts of the city. The latter serves as a new and ideal leisure destination on Riyadh’s Golden Strip.

The name Konoz draws inspiration from a diverse array of gemstones. As a result, its design will embody the architectural representations of glittering treasure. Additionally, the project’s name translates to ‘treasures’, further solidifying its theme. He also noted that for the commercial strategy and planning, Pragma Consulting gave valuable input.

Meanwhile, Holmes Wood handles the placemaking strategy for the project. Collaboratively, the firms are working closely with the rest of the Handley House team.