Desert and Delta Safaris’ Camp Moremi solar field launched in Botswana

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The Desert and Delta Safaris’ Camp Moremi solar field has been launched in Botswana. This facility increases the Desert & Delta Safaris solar-powered camps to five. All five camps are fully functional and sustainable.

The solar fields provide power to run pumps that provide water for the camps’ closed-circuit sanitation plants. As a result, this immensely reduces the Desert & Delta safari’s impact on the environment.

Noteworthy, the Camp Moremi solar field is the second-largest private solar plant courtesy of the latest innovation. This impressive solar plant project will supply power for the entire three safari camps and their related operations.

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Furthermore, the solar plant will ensure 100 percent renewable energy is supplied to Desert & Delta Safaris camp Moremi and camp Xakanaxa properties. The latest solar initiative shows the commitment of Desert & Delta Safaris to run its prime properties.

Desert and Delta Safaris’ Camp Moremi solar field, an indication of an ethical and sustainable tourism

The Luxury safari operator welcomes and invites guests who are attracted by lions and cheetahs to the wildlife-rich regions. The four key regions are operated in an ethical and sustainable manner as indicated by the Desert and Delta Safaris’ Camp Moremi.

Chobe Game Lodge is also a leader that ensures Desert & Delta’s sustainability initiatives are well implemented. Additionally, Chobe Game Lodge pioneered the use of electric game-drive vehicles and fully solar-powered boats.

As a result, guests are guaranteed a lighter carbon footprint in their daily operations. Furthermore, Chobe Game Lodge enjoys the combination of solar energy and energy sourced from the Victoria Falls Hydroelectric plant in Zambia.

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