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Ali El-Moselhy, together with other esteemed leaders laid the foundation stone for Egypt’s national logistics center. The two huge “Trade and Logistics Zones” will cover 22 hectares in Kafr El-Sheikh province. Minister of Procurement and Internal Trade, Minister El-Meselhi indicated that the logistic areas of Kafr El-Sheikh province are considering the implementation of a project that will include commercial, administrative and logistic activities with an investment of 5-6 billion Egyptian pounds. It is to be inaugurated 36 months from now.

The Egypt’s national logistics center will include logistic zones and multifunctional shopping centers.

This, including strategic warehouses, will shorten the trade cycle and decrease waste and loss in product distribution, since transportation costs account for almost 10-15% of the final product price. The construction of such commercial and logistics space, as well as distribution and sales outlets, will bring benefits to consumers in the form of lower final prices.

Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Deputy Minister for National Supply and Trade, head of the Development Agency (ITDA), said the project will be completed in 36 months and is expected to create around 20,000 direct and indirect jobs, from which the residents of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate will be favoured.

These changes are closely in line with the policies of the political leaders, who prioritize the development and strengthening of Egypt’s internal trading system. Local Development Minister Hisham Amna said the Egyptian state is working to facilitate trade and set up logistics service zones in all provinces to promote development and boost local and foreign investment.

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Egypt’s national logistics center includes various economic development structures such as Wholesale centers, packaging and labeling departments and administrative offices. In addition, recreational, social and educational spaces will be created that will improve the quality of life throughout the region.

These state-of-the-art facilities will serve a variety of businesses including wholesale, packaging and labeling, refrigeration and freezers, as well as leisure, social, educational, government and other businesses.