The World’s First Airport Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network Unveiled in London Gatwick

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Explore London Gatwick’s innovative electric vehicle charging station network; the first electric vehicle charging station system at any global airport is breaking ground. This innovative transport hub announces the world’s first electric vehicle charging station. A complete game-changer for the aviation industry!

The root of this 30-charger station is a collaboration between sustainability-driven airport leaders and GRIDSERVE. These dedicated creators sped up a vision of a sustainable airport model for today and tomorrow.

Strategic Collaboration with GRIDSERVE

Leading a grand project like this is no easy feat. Consider the numerous vehicles, drivers and needs frequenting airports today. Gatwick’s initial effort in 2018, setting up 4 EV chargers, fell short causing queues and wait times. An inclusive charging facility required resilient foresight and effective mitigation of human frustrations.

Gatwick and GRIDSERVE collaborated, creating highly developed charging technology while uplifting driver experience. Eureka! Their genius solution? A lineup of EV chargers, from the ultra speedy “The Rapid” with 22 stalls for 400km in 20 minutes to the “AC Charges” for overnight vehicle charging. By blending high-tech solutions with human-centered design, Gatwick struck sustainable travel gold!

Incorporating Sustainability into Transport Routes

The station’s true legacy isn’t only in concrete and steel but also it’s ability to extend sustainable thinking globally. Combining charging access into transport routes targets to transform views of airport sustainability.

You see, Gatwick never set out to install advanced chargers. Leadership visualized sparking a widespread shift towards guilt free and emissions-free airport transit. They aimed to serve both London commuters, LA-bound travelers along with taxi fleets. The more who dare to drive electric, the quicker it becomes commonplace. Gatwick’s project makes EV ownership and 24/7 airport pickups available for all individuals.

Electric Vehicle Charging Resource and Expertise Pooling

Still, the project’s quick realization against the odds offers inspiration encouraging creativity in itself. Gathering resources and expertise among like-minded organizations turns vision into reality faster.

Gatwick brought land resources and functional insights based on airport-goer needs and habits. GRIDSERVE brought technical expertise to ensure charging reliability and efficiency.

The collaboration eased challenges by leveraging unique strengths of each partner. Contract signed, shovels ready in 10 months-living proof of a sustainability dream team!


London Gatwick’s Vision: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Climate-Conscious airports

In the midst of the urgent global call for clean solutions in the face of climate crisis, Gatwick’s leading station could set new standard for airports worldwide.

Transport hubs committed to net-zero emissions targets through the Aviation Climate Taskforce agreement. With electric aviation projected to dominate coming decades, the future of aviation seems clearly written.

Sustainable analysts predict 90% of airports shifting to electric car rentals and taxi fleets by 2035. Trailblazing innovators like Gatwick and GRIDSERVE continue climate-conscious program in spite of legislative uncertainty, brightening our path.


Airports play a very important role in leading the way for ethical solutions.

The electric vehicle charging station comes out like an adaptable phoenix. A vision for a cleaner, healthier future for aviation and the local communities it impacts. Perhaps you and I will one day plug into Gatwick’s electric vehicle charging station together. Just imagine the lasting memories future generations could make as well if we continue toward sustainability.

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