Eneco Unveils Ambitious Plan: Green Hydrogen Plant in Rotterdam

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Eneco, a Dutch energy company, has unveiled plans to construct a groundbreaking hydrogen plant in the Rotterdam port area, solely powered by renewable energy. Traditionally, hydrogen plants rely on natural gas, emitting significant amounts of CO2. In contrast, Eneco’s proposed electrolyser plant will utilize electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, contributing to the production of emission-free green hydrogen.

The filing of the planning application for the ‘Eneco Electrolyser’ marks a significant step toward the realization of a green hydrogen plant in the Europoort, Rotterdam. The aim is to boost green hydrogen production to 2.5 GW by 2030, aligning with the Dutch government’s target of achieving 4 GW production by the same year.

Eneco’s Electrolyser, slated for construction initiation in 2026 and operation in 2029, is set to have a capacity of 800 MW. This substantial output will rely on renewable energy sourced from solar parks and wind farms, aligning with Eneco’s commitment to sustainability. The plant’s annual production is estimated to reach 80 kilotons of hydrogen, contingent on both green energy availability and the industrial sector’s demand for green hydrogen.

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Situated next to the Enecogen power plant in the Europoort, the Eneco Electrolyser will share connections, optimizing infrastructure and operational efficiency. Eneco’s CEO, As Tempelman, emphasized the essential role of green hydrogen in a successful energy transition, presenting it as a sustainable alternative for industries unable to undergo direct electrification.

The project is part of Eneco’s broader strategy for a sustainable future, and it collaborates with Mitsubishi through the Eneco Diamond Hydrogen joint venture. This venture aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to develop green hydrogen and associated renewable energy businesses.

Eneco’s commitment to green hydrogen extends beyond this project. The company is also working with Shell on the Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind project, which includes plans for offshore hydrogen production and power generation from floating solar panels. Additionally, Eneco is part of the NortH2 consortium, contributing to a large-scale offshore wind-to-hydrogen electrolysis project in the Eemshaven area, the Netherlands.

Eneco’s proposed green hydrogen plant represents a pivotal move toward sustainable energy practices, aligning with national and global goals for reducing carbon emissions and advancing the use of green hydrogen in various industrial applications.