Construction of NHIA ultra-modern office complex in Savelugu begins

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The construction of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) ultra-modern office complex in Savelugu Municipality of the Northern Region has begun. The project is expected to be completed within 18 months to strengthen healthcare delivery in the district.

At the sod-cutting ceremony held recently in Savelugu, the manager in charge of procurement and projects, Mr Frank Yeboah, stated that it is one of the 15 district offices that would be built throughout the nation this year. Mr Yeboah praised Hajia Fathia Abdul Aziz, a Savelugu local who works in the President’s office, for her efforts in advancing the project in the Municipality. He added that Hajia Abdul -Aziz “was always on the doors of the CEO of the Authority just to make sure that Savelugu gets its share of the project.”

The Procurement Manager explained that the establishment of NHIS offices was crucial. Because better health was a right of every resident. Dr Bernard Okoe-Boye, the NHIA’s chief executive officer, received appreciation from Hajia Abdul-Aziz for providing the office in response to her request. She stated that it was duty-bound to ensure that people in Savelugu and its environs had fair access to high-quality medical treatment in order to enhance their well-being.

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The NHIA ultra-modern office complex in Savelugu to serve the needs of the community

When the office’s construction is complete, according to Hajia Abdul-Aziz, it will be completely outfitted to better serve the needs of the community. She claimed that in the past, due to a lack of manpower to efficiently manage the project in the region, many lives were lost in Savelugu.

Hajia cited the welfare of the residents of Savelugu Municipality and the provision of health care as the reasons for her request for the establishment of an NHIS office there, saying that seeing people in good health was one of her top goals.

She consequently pleaded with the contractor to move the project rapidly because time was running out. Additionally, she urged him to make sure that local youth were hired on the Ultra-modern office complex project.