$200 Million to be Invested in Kajiado Clinker Factory by East African Portland Cement Company (EAPCC)

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The East African Portland Cement Company (EAPCC) has set up plans of investing a total of $200 million in Kajiado Clinker Factory. This move of making investment in the factory shall increase the production capacity of the factory and also cut the costs incurred in the production process. The manufacture of cement entails mixing of clinker which is a very crucial raw material in the cement making process and is usually obtained from limestone or coral with pozzolana which is an ash-based product that is usually acquired from the Rift region.

According to a statement that was made by EAPCC, which sells its products to consumers under the brand name “Blue Triangle” this upcoming Kajiado Clinker Factory will be based on a piece of land sized at 300 acres. It is foreseen to possess a production capacity of approximately 5,000 tonnes of clinker annually. The clinker that will be obtained from this upcoming facility shall be utilized for the production of cement and the extra part of it will be sold to the neighboring markets.

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Kajiado Clinker Factory Construction Commencement Date

The construction timelines of this upcoming factory shall be clarified in the year 2024. In the coming year, the plans of the facility shall be clarified as they have put geologists on the ground to conduct the survey works so as to come up with accurate data that shall be very critical in setting up the facility. The upcoming Kajiado Clinker Factory has also been strategically located so as to enable quicker transportation of the products into the surrounding market areas. The clinker that is produced at the Athi River cement factory has been deemed inadequate thus reducing the competitiveness of EAPCC in the market.

The EAPCC came back to full clinker production capacity during September 2022 after putting in an investment of Ksh500 million in order to do a revamp at the plant located in Athi River whose continuous breakdown resulted to the low supply of the products to the market.