Multi Billion Dongo Kundu Taifa Gas LPG Storage Facility Under Construction in Kenya

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Taifa Gas SEZ Kenya Ltd will be building Dongo Kundu Taifa Gas storage facility at Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone. This investment is foreseen to address the gap of gas supply in Kenya and also will generate quite a number of jobs that will be a source of income to those who will be employed. A total of 90,000 indirect and direct jobs will be created once the operations of this Dongo Kundu Taifa Gas storage facility kick off.

Taifa Gas has its operations rooted in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, DRC, Tanzania, and Zambia. According to the Managing Director of the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), Dr William Samoei Ruto, stated that this project which is located just four kilometers from the port of Mombasa, is one of the investments that were given a go ahead to proceed. In addition, he stated that a tender had already been awarded to a Japanese company to commence the building works of the Dongo Kundu multipurpose berth at a cost of Ksh42 billion.

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Dongo Kundu Taifa Gas Storage Facility Capacity

The facility that is being built at Dongo Kundu shall have a capacity of 30,000 tons. The government of Japan under JICA has been providing the funds for enabling the implementation of quite a number of projects at the port which include a quay of 570 meters that has 550,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) of capacity berths 21 and 20. Also, Japanese government financed the establishment of berth 22 which has a quay that has a length of 300 metres and TEU capacity of 450,000. The Special Economic Zone project that is being conducted under the KPA was mooted in in the year 2002 by the government of the late president of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

The construction works of the Dongo Kundu Multipurpose berth are anticipated to kick off early 2024 and are expected to pave way for the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone which has pulled quite a number of investors that want to set up factories and other industries.
There are a good number of firms that have shown their interests in Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone and are inclusive of that that submitted their tenders to conduct services at the Port of Kisumu, Port of Lamu, and the Port of Mombasa. According to Kenya Ports Authority, some investors in the area are expected to come into the ground at the start of 2024 as more firms have shown their interest in the area.