KIPT Gets Ready for Kangaroo Island Seaport Development in South Australia

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Kangaroo Island Plantation Timber (KIPT)has recently entered into an agreement to commence the development of the Kangaroo Island Seaport located at Smith Bay in the region of South Australia.
The Early Contractor Involvement Agreement (ECI), spearheaded by Maritime Constructions (MC) based in Port Adelaide, involves collaboration with esteemed industry leaders, KBR and WGA, renowned for their expertise in civil and marine construction.

This ECI Agreement introduces a groundbreaking Alliance Agreement approach, enabling the Contractor to construct a deep-water wharf at Smith Bay on Kangaroo Island. The Alliance Agreement will be formulated in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the ECI Agreement.
KIPT has brought aboard Alan Braggs, a seasoned engineer, to assume the role of KI Seaport Manager. He will collaborate closely with MC on the project, as well as the related agreements and contracts.

In a further development, the company anticipates receiving submissions from multiple contractors who are eager to secure substantial contracts for supplying harvest and haulage services on the island. This step is crucial for salvaging the softwood logs, which face the highest risk of deterioration if not harvested promptly.

Commencement date for the Kangaroo Island Seaport Development

Preliminary activities are slated to begin at the site around late 2023, with the project’s full completion anticipated in early 2025, subject to favorable weather conditions. During the construction phase, SeaLink will continue to operate ferry services, ensuring uninterrupted access to and from Kangaroo Island for both tourists and local residents.
Mr. Lamb expressed his appreciation for the recent Federal announcement regarding the $10 million Salvage Storage Fund, aimed at securing forestry resources for economic recovery. He noted the fund’s timely nature, particularly as KIPT approaches its salvage harvest, and highlighted the potential benefits it could bring to Australian mills.

It’s worth noting that KIPT Is still awaiting approval for its Kangaroo Island Seaport export facility. As Australia’s sole listed timberland company, KIPT oversees a portfolio of hardwood and softwood forestry plantations located on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, which have been established on former agricultural land.

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