Kuwait Issues a $800M Tender on Fuel Depot Project

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Kuwait National Petroleum Company, a state-owned operator has tendered a fuel depot project at an estimate of $800m. The fuel depot project is known as Al-Mutlaa project. The invitation to procure the contract has been issued with a pending deadline set to February 2024. The tender documents were made available for procurement on 12 November. The client company also aims to have a pre-tender meeting that is scheduled for 17 December.

The Kuwait government wants to ensure that the fuel depot project bears fruits as the Mina al-Ahmadi refinery. The contracted company, UK-based Wood Group completed the companies construction project in December 2021. The scope of the project included a revised front end engineering. It also included design works for the long delayed project to develop the oil products marketing depot. The depot is located in Kuwait’s Jahra Governorate. The project had been constantly delayed since feasibility studies were completed in 2013.  The design work had been completed earlier in 2015 before the client company decided on another approach to it. This included revising the original design project which caused more delays. The government hopes the current fuel depot in its scope will have no setbacks in its construction.

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The scope of the Al-Mutlaa Fuel Depot Construction Shows Prospects in Kuwait’s Oil Refinery

The scope of the Al-Mutlaa Fuel Depot shows prospects in boosting Kuwait’s oil refinery. The construction scope includes the development of new pumping facilities. This will be located at Mina-Al Ahmadi and Shuaiba oil refineries. The project also includes the laying of cross-country pipelines that will connect the two oil refineries. It also includes the construction of a local market depot and installation of safety systems. The scope of the fuel depot project also places emphasis on installation of a fire fighting system on fire outbreak occurrences. Lastly, the project entails the construction of storage tanks. The fuel depot project is expected to integrate and modernize Kuwait’s oil refineries and their oil production processes. This will increase the barrels a day of the major refinery copanies in the region.