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$3.8M Project to Upgrade Melbourne Intersection in Southbank, Australia, Complete

The $3.8M project to upgrade Melbourne Intersection in Southbank, Australia, has reportedly been completed. The project was carried out by a team of road safety specialists as well as expert engineers.

It included the widening of the footpath, and the upgrade development works extending the left turn along City Road. Additionally, it included installing new asphalt, drainage, and public lighting alongside the bluestone kerb.

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Furthermore, the upgrade of the Melbourne Intersection in Southbank, Australia, included relocation and installation of brand-new traffic signals. 

Boost to traffic flow and safety for drivers and pedestrians

The newly upgraded Melbourne Intersection in Southbank features unique measures that aim to improve road user awareness and visibility. The pedestrian crossing for example was relocated at the corner, where vehicles make a left turn onto Power Street. As a result, pedestrians have a safer space while waiting to cross the road.

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Additionally, the pedestrian crossing includes features such as sensors that prevent crowding by triggering changes to the traffic lights. This, in turn, ensures that pedestrians receive ample time to cross.

Furthermore, large trucks, now have a widened path to navigate the left turn onto Power Street from City Road. 

Remarks on the Upgrade Melbourne Intersection in Southbank

While commenting on the project, Victorian Minister for Roads and Roads Safety, Melissa Home, said that the Victorian Government aims to make it safer for road users to travel throughout the area.

In 2021, a crash happened at the intersection, injuring five people. Considering the unfortunate incident, the project’s design got developed in close consultation with the local community, alongside the City of Melbourne and the freight industry.

Nina Taylor, a Member of Albert Park, expressed gratitude to the community for their patience in regard to the project’s delivery.

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