Benue State Kicks Off Road Construction Initiative.

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Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State Benue State Kicks Off Road Construction Initiative aimed at the development of 16 diverse roads within the metropolis, covering a combined distance of 15.39 kilometers.

Completion Date For The Benue State Road Construction Initiative.

The projected completion time for these roads is 11 months, and they are expected to incur a cost of around N6 billion. Governor Alia expressed his gratitude to the state’s residents for their unwavering trust and underscored that the commencement of these roads will bring significant improvements to the state’s infrastructure.

A List Of The Roads To Be Developed In Benue State.

The governor unveiled a comprehensive list of roads slated for enhancement, encompassing various neighborhoods and sectors. Among the notable roads scheduled for upgrades are Odeh-Ageh-John Felse Street (1.08km) with a Spur to Akuma Abanyam and Othaniel Taanghar Street, Orkuma Akunda Street (810 meters), Lush Street (580 meters), and Augustinian Community Roads (1.13km) within the New GRA area of Makurdi. Furthermore, the project includes the transformation of the Nigerian Navy Barracks Road (1.98km), Keghem Malu Street (420 meters) in the Adeke/Achusa vicinity, and various other roads.

Prominent among the roads slated for improvement are David Jebe Street (1.33km), Kormya City Guest House — Akpeme (450 meters), Tyagher Gbaa Street (640 meters), Victoria Aende Street (590 meters), and Keke NAPEP Street (1.450 km). The enhancement scope extends to areas such as Ghandi Street (1.43km) and Federal Low-Cost Housing Road (1.1km) in the North Bank region, as well as Eight Avenue (760 meters), lorkyaa Ako Street (extension) (700 meters), and Ikeja — Sokoto Street (730 meters) within the High-Level part of Makurdi.

Urging diligence and adherence to project specifications, Governor Alia called upon the contracting entity, M/s Triacta Nigeria Limited, to ensure timely completion. Project Engineer Nabil Nassar conveyed gratitude for the entrusted responsibility and appealed for cooperation from local stakeholders to ensure the smooth execution of the project.

Eng. Gabriel Akpen, Chair of the Technical Committee on Infrastructural Planning and Implementation, clarified that Benue State’s road construction initiative, spanning 15.3km, constitutes the inaugural phase of a broader endeavor. He affirmed that the second phase will encompass more roads, extending even beyond Makurdi, particularly into rural regions, with an estimated budget of N6 billion.

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