Ekiti State Government Embarks On Road Intervention Projects Under RAAMP.

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The Ekiti State Government has unveiled an ambitious plan to embark on 12 rural road intervention projects aimed at enhancing accessibility to communities under the Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP), a significant initiative designed to create better access to rural areas and farmlands. The primary goal of the RAAMP project is to facilitate access for farmers and rural residents to market their goods effectively.

RAAMP’s Coordinator, Mr. Rufus Adumo, revealed the government’s intentions during a session with journalists in Ado Ekiti. Adumo emphasized the importance of a proper maintenance culture for Nigerian roads to ensure their longevity. He noted that numerous Fadama roads across the country are in poor condition, making it challenging for farmers to reach their farmlands and transport their goods to market.

Significant Roads Under RAAMP’s Road Intervention Projects.

The Ekiti RAAMP has secured approval for three interventions, including the rehabilitation and backlog maintenance of approximately 73 kilometers of rural roads for the current year. The planned interventions will span all the local government councils, with specific roads targeted for improvements, such as Igirigiri/Ado-Odo-Ado, Ben Folarin/Oke Aso/Ilawe road, Ogotun, Oye/Are, among others. Additionally, spot improvements will be implemented, totaling approximately 131 kilometers in all the local governments. Adumo further highlighted that the project also involves intervening in some state roads, aiming to create convenient access from farms to mitigate post-harvest losses.

To ensure effective delivery of the projects, the 12 roads will be assigned to twelve contractors under a performance-based contract. This approach aims to achieve optimal results and timely completion.

Adumo shared that RAAMP is already making a significant impact in about 20 states across Nigeria, with the president urging other states to join the project. Through this endeavor, farmers will benefit from improved access to markets, leading to increased earnings and a better quality of life.

The Ekiti State Government’s commitment to investing in road infrastructure through RAAMP’s rural road intervention projects signifies its dedication to empowering farmers and rural communities. By bolstering transportation networks, the state aims to foster economic growth, reduce post-harvest losses, and elevate the livelihoods of its residents. The RAAMP project stands as a beacon of hope, promising a brighter future for Ekiti State’s agricultural sector and rural development.

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