NIMASA Unveils Plans For A N50 Billion Modular Floating Dock Project.

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Dr. Bashir Jamoh, the Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), has unveiled plans for the construction of the forthcoming N50 billion modular floating dock project. Officials made this announcement during the handover ceremony of the leased site at the Continental Shipyard Limited (CSL) of the Nigerian Ports Authority.

The modular floating dock, which will be established under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement, is expected to hold multifaceted benefits. Jamoh highlighted that the project will serve as a cornerstone for job creation and skill development, providing training avenues for various maritime institutions within Nigeria. He also underscored the project’s capacity to attract foreign investment, prevent capital outflow, and generate revenue for the country.

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Nigeria inaugurated a billion-dollar deep seaport in Lagos earlier this year. Its main aim was to alleviate congestion in its ports and become a transshipment hub for cargo in transit. President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled the port, as part of his infrastructure-driven economic policy. Nigeria’s existing seaports, including those in Lagos and Port Harcourt, often operate below capacity, causing logistical challenges. The new Lekki Deep Sea Port is mainly owned by China Harbour Engineering Company and Singapore’s Tolaram Group. Its main aims are to handle larger vessels, foster economic growth, and potentially generate over 200,000 jobs.

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Jamoh emphasized that this national asset holds the potential to catalyze maritime trade, create employment and encourage foreign investment. It also would enhance skills through training in Nigerian maritime institutions. This, in turn, would counter capital flight and contribute significantly to their revenue.

This initiative follows the recent leasing of designated areas at the Continental Shipyard by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). This was done to accommodate the operations of the Modular Floating Dock. These areas encompass vital facilities such as the dolphin jetty, the adjacent waterfront of the slipway, and administrative and maintenance blocks. It also includes construction, welding, and mechanical workshops.

With NIMASA’s visionary plans for a floating dock, Nigeria’s maritime sector stands poised for transformation. It also stands to propel economic growth and technological advancement while fostering employment opportunities and skill development.