Bids for Masirah Multipurpose Port Project in Oman Invited

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As per official reports, Oman has invited bids for the construction of the Masirah Multipurpose Port. The multi-million rial investment is also reported to potentially energize the island’s overall growth. Moreover, it is said to also significantly contribute to the region’s fish processing and fisheries sectors.

Quite impressively, the fisheries-centric harbour is well in alignment with the Omani government’s strategy for expanding fishery harbour infrastructure. Furthermore, the Masirah Multipurpose Port Project forms part of Oman’s 10th Five Year Plan over the 2021-2025 timeframe. As a result, the development project also receives recognition as a key infrastructure that will advance Oman’s socio-economic progression. 

Implementation of the Masirah Multipurpose Port Project will be overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources. Nonetheless, the facility’s design and built still aim to attract non-fisheries related investments. As a whole, it aims to pull investment in marinas for leisure boats and yachts, marine tourism, and aqua sports. 

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The Masirah Multipurpose Port Project Invites Both Local Companies and Private Investors

As a whole, the development will feature a mid-sized harbour. It will also include a pair of breakwater arms that span a distance of 4.1 kilometres. In total, the basin covers an area of about 1 million square meters. Varying between depths of 5 and 6 meters, the project will dredge the basin. Additionally, the development will feature a quay wall that is approximately 500 meters and several pontoons for trawlers. 

The Government’s Ministry encouraged local construction firms with expertise, especially in marine infrastructure to bid. Moreover, private investors have also received invitations to set up economic and commercial activities. In an effort to help in maximizing value creation for the new port, these activities include ice-making plants, fishing meals, and fish-progressing projects. Alongside dhow tourism, maintenance workshops as well as boat and engine repair.