Oman’s 400kV Overhead Lines Project Nears Completion

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Oman’s 400kV Overhead Lines Project made an announcement confirming it is almost done with development works. A part of Nama Group, OETC (Oman Electricity Transmission Company) confirmed that works are being finalized between the Suwayhat and Barik grid stations. 

Quite impressively, OETC said that the project’s progress is currently at 99%. Moreover, the company stated that by the end of the month, development aims to energize the Suwayhat grid station. As a whole, the project targets to significantly improve as well as enhance the transmission of electricity. In addition to elevating transmission infrastructure within the region. This, in turn, would further contribute to Oman’s expanding energy demands. 

Back in 2021, OETC signed an agreement with PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) for the interconnection line project. The signing of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) served as a collective effort toward achieving economic energy trade benefits. OETC further highlighted that the project targets to reduce fuel input requirements while observing network security. 

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Oman’s 400kV Overhead Lines Project’s Goals

Official reports state that upon completion. the development will efficiently accommodate electricity transfer over long distances. Moreover, the project is also said to greatly reduce transmission losses, leading to a reliable and stable connection. Overall, the upgraded Suwayhat grid station will play an essential role in the receiving and distribution of electricity. Additionally, the development will also monitor the transmission of electricity, of which will further elevate general grid stability.

According to an official statement, a portion of Oman’s 400kV Overhead Lines Project, the Barik grid station boasts an investment of about RO 45 million. OETC further revealed that it had successfully received a connection to the mammoth rabt development. In a nutshell, the extension to the bigger project aims to link the MIS (Main Interconnection System) of north Oman, with the south’s Dhofar System.