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Plans set for Jätkäsaari Circular Economy Block in Helsinki, Finland

Plans for the Jätkäsaari Circular Economy Block project development in Helsinki, Finland are making heads way. Recently, Construction firm YIT was awarded a turnkey contract by the Yrjö and Hanna Foundation to carry out the project.

The project aims to construct a sustainable and community-oriented block. The latter willl feature accessible right-of-occupancy flats, rental apartments for seniors, and commercial spaces.

A key focus of the project is the implementation of circular economy principles and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, the block is designed for a long life cycle, with adaptable spaces that can meet the evolving needs of users.

Special attention will be given to the design of structures that allow for easy separation and reuse of materials. Environmental-friendly materials such as green concrete and other renewable or recyclable options will be prioritised.

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Jätkäsaari Circular Economy Block: Focus on Sustainability and Community Building

In addition, the project aims to incorporate salvaged building components from demolition sites, further enhancing its sustainability credentials. Innovative technical building systems will also be integrated to optimise energy efficiency and resource management.

The circular economy principles will be applied during the construction phase and in the ongoing use and maintenance of the building. The project seeks to foster a sense of community among residents. This is by enabling joint ownership, distribution, and borrowing of goods.

Construction is slated to commence at the end of the year. The project’s estimated completion date is 2026. By developing the Jätkäsaari Circular Economy Block, YIT aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Helsinki and create a vibrant and eco-friendly community space that promotes well-being and a circular mindset.

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