SONOCO’s Baking Bread Factory inaugurated in Wellington Industrial Estate, Freetown

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The SONOCO Baking Bread Factory in Freetown’s Wellington Industrial Estate was formally inaugurated by President Julius Maada Bio.

In his introductory remarks, President Bio praised SONOCO Bread Avenue for making such a significant investment in the nation and noted that Bread Avenue demonstrated a steadfast commitment to empowering young people and fostering regional economic growth.

He expressed his gratitude to Vice President Juldeh Jalloh for introducing the organization to him so that it may become established in the nation. Bio continued by saying that he had visited the organization’s Conakry plant and had discovered that they make high-quality bread.

He said the commissioning represented a key milestone in the world of baking, and it’s a contemporary bakery committed to developing the local young talents in Sierra Leone. President Bio added that it is their duty as a government to provide jobs for the youth.

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Baking Bread Factory to operate as a commercial bakery

He came to the conclusion that the Bread Factory will operate as a commercial bakery. It will supply the neighbourhood with high-quality, freshly baked goods. Abdul Diallo, the Chief Executive Officer of SONOCO, said that they were delighted to introduce Bread Factory in Sierra Leone. And that the Factory will help the local young to thrive.

He said that the revenue would be poured back into a training program to help the project remain viable. He said that they are delighted to support the educational and professional development of young people. Because they fully believe in the value of empowering them economically. Diallo expressed optimism that Bread Avenue will play a significant part in opening up opportunities and empowering young people.

Additionally, Edward Sandy, the minister of trade, praised the Baking Bread Factory and reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to them. He also said that the sector might help Sierra Leoneans find employment. Which might eventually help lower the number of young people without jobs in the nation.

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