RWE commissions 46-megawatt solar farm in Portugal

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RWE commissions 46-megawatt solar farm in Portugal and Spain, making significant progress in expanding its solar business in the Iberian Peninsula, with recent milestones reached.

Morgavel Solar Farm in Portugal

RWE commissions 46-megawatt solar farm in Portugal
Courtesy RWE

RWE has successfully commissioned its 46 MWac Morgavel solar photovoltaic (PV) farm in Portugal. Located south of Lisbon in Morgavel, Sines, this ground-mounted solar farm spans an impressive 112 hectares. What sets this project apart is the use of approximately 91,000 bifacial solar modules. These modules are designed to absorb solar radiation from both their front and rear sides, maximizing energy generation. The construction of the Morgavel solar farm was executed by Omexom Portugal, and Construção e Manutenção Eletromecânica (CME) was responsible for the substation and grid connection works.

Katja Wünschel, CEO of RWE Renewables Europe and Australia, expressed her pride in the achievement, emphasizing the farm’s capacity to supply approximately 42,000 Portuguese homes with clean, green electricity. She also highlighted the substantial contribution the Morgavel solar farm makes to local climate targets. This project marks RWE’s first asset in Portugal, solidifying its presence in the region and enhancing its global solar portfolio.

Solar Expansion in the Iberian Peninsula

Over the past year, RWE has made significant strides in expanding its solar portfolio in the Iberian Peninsula. This includes the commissioning of three new solar farms in Spain with a combined capacity of 98 MWac. These farms, namely Las Vaguadas, Casa Valdes, and Puerta del Sol, contribute to the overall solar capacity in the region, which now stands at approximately 300 MWac. Additionally, RWE has commenced construction on the 92 MWac Gazules project.

RWE Renewables Iberia has also established a strong presence in onshore wind energy, with around 500 MW of onshore wind farms in operation. This combination of solar and wind energy initiatives positions RWE as a key driver of the energy transition in the Iberian Peninsula.

Global Solar Portfolio

RWE is recognized as one of the leading global renewable energy companies. Its solar projects extend beyond the Iberian Peninsula and include noteworthy endeavors such as Limondale, one of the largest solar farms in Australia, boasting a capacity of 249 MWac. RWE’s commitment to innovation is evident through projects like the first floating photovoltaic installation on a lake in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the company is actively engaged in operating and constructing solar plants with integrated battery storage systems in opencast mines and exploring the development of agricultural photovoltaic installations in Germany.

RWE’s success in commissioning the Morgavel solar farm in Portugal, along with its expanding solar and wind portfolio in the Iberian Peninsula, underscores its commitment to advancing renewable energy in Europe and globally. As the company continues to make strides in the renewable energy sector, it plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and meeting sustainability goals, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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