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Santiago Bernabéu Metro Station Embarks on a Grand Transformation

Santiago Bernabéu Metro Station Embarks on a Grand Transformation in the heart of Madrid, as an ambitious project is set to unfold, one that mirrors the grandeur of the iconic Real Madrid Football Club and its newly refurbished Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The Santiago Bernabéu Metro Station, an integral part of the Real Madrid experience, is poised to undergo a monumental renovation. This transformative endeavor is poised to cost tens of millions of euros, promising not only to modernize the station but also to celebrate the rich history of the club and improve accessibility for fans and visitors alike.

The genesis of this rejuvenation can be traced back to the recent inauguration of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, with preparations for its grand opening scheduled for December. As part of the broader vision for revitalizing the surrounding infrastructure, the Madrid authorities have given their nod to a comprehensive renovation project for the legendary Santiago Bernabéu Metro Station. The project is slated to commence in early 2024, with an expected completion date in 2027.

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This overhaul isn’t a mere facelift; it’s a holistic transformation. The current station, with an area of 4,843 square meters, is set to expand exponentially to a sprawling 12,481 square meters. Among the enhancements are the installation of 12 new elevators and 24 escalators, ensuring seamless mobility for all passengers. The station’s modern architectural aesthetics will not only draw more visitors on match days but also enhance accessibility to nearby areas, including AZCA, Cocha Espina, and Paseo de la Castellana. The bond between the Santiago Bernabéu Metro Station and the stadium itself is profound. Originally known as ‘Estación de Lima’ upon its inauguration in 1982, it was rechristened ‘Estación Santiago Bernabéu’ in 1998 to commemorate Real Madrid’s Champions League final victory against Valencia.

This renovation project aims to pay homage to this special connection. The station’s interiors will be adorned with both current and historical images of the stadium, celebrating Real Madrid as a sporting symbol of the capital and a major tourist attraction. With a substantial budget of €70 million, the revamped station promises to be a fitting tribute to the legacy of Real Madrid and its passionate fanbase.

The project is not limited to the station itself but extends to its surroundings, with coordination with other urbanization initiatives in the area. This synergistic approach is set to create a more efficient response to the influx of tourists on match days and during stadium events.

Project Timeline

As the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium undergoes its own revitalization, set to conclude by the end of 2023, the metro station will follow suit. Work on the station is expected to commence in the first few months of 2024, culminating in its grand unveiling in 2027. With an expanded footprint, additional elevators and escalators, and an immersive Real Madrid aesthetic, the renovated Santiago Bernabéu Metro Station will stand as a testament to the club’s enduring legacy and its commitment to providing an exceptional experience for fans and visitors. This transformation is a fitting reflection of Real Madrid’s stature, not just as a football club but as a symbol of the spirit of Madrid itself.

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