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The SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi has marked a significant milestone following its official inauguration by the crown prince, Sheikh Khaled bin Mohammed. In partnership with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, the project was developed by Miral.

Right within Yas Island, the newest theme park will be accessible to the public from May 23, 2023. During his visit, Sheikh Khaled was given a comprehensive tour of the park’s facilities. Furthermore, he received detailed information about the facility’s offerings. 

In total, SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi spans a massive area of 183,000 meters squared. The theme park, in a nutshell, strives to offer a blend of educational and entertaining experiences, more especially, centered around marine life. Additionally, it aims to contribute towards the preservation of not just marine wildlife but ecosystems and habitats as well. Taking it a step further, the project aims to serve as a source of education and inspiration to the next generation of marine enthusiasts. 

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The SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi to boasts impressive global humane certification

During its inauguration, the Chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Mohamed khalifa al Mubarak was present. Additionally, the Chairman of Miral, as well as the Group CEO of Miral, were also in attendance. Aside from offering family-friendly experiences, the park will include animal presentations as well as up-close animal encounters. Furthermore, it will be home to shopping and dining destinations, in addition to rides and attractions. 

Quite impressively, the theme park received its certification from Global Humane, an international brand of American Humane. The certification makes the facility the very first within the region to reach such an achievement. While commenting on the project, the Chairman of Miral said that it serves as a representation of a next-generation theme park.

Moreover, its combination with the world-class experience of Yas Island positions SeaWorld as a top global destination. As a result, it will also greatly contribute to the growth of the region’s tourism vision. 

 Reported earlier 

Sept 2022

Abu Dhabi Miral SeaWorld is 90% complete, to open in 2023

Abu Dhabi Miral SeaWorld, a next-generation marine-life theme park that is a part of the Yas Island mega-development is 90% complete. The project is reportedly expected to be open in 2023.

Almost a year ago Miral, the company developing the project made a similar announcement. It revealed that the US$3.2 billion projects had reached the 40% milestone. Miral explained at the time that more than 50% of the concrete was poured, and the heaviest 50-ton steel column was installed.

Acrylic for the exhibits was also successfully fitted at the marine life theme park project. The leading creator of immersive destinations and experiences is working on the Abu Dhabi Miral SeaWorld in partnership with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.

An overview of the Abu Dhabi Miral SeaWorld

The project is developed in five indoor levels on a total area of approximately 45.2 acres. The park’s design leverages SeaWorld’s years of experience in marine research, conservation, and animal welfare. It will feature purpose-built habitats and ecosystems that will house different species together just as they are in the wild.

Once complete, the marine life theme park will offer immersive experiences. These experiences will engage visitors from the United Arab Emirates and around the world. Consequently, broadening their knowledge and appreciation of marine life. In addition, the park will feature one of the world’s largest indoor aquariums. It will have an immersive ride that takes guests on a journey from Pole to Pole. There will also be other interactive exhibits.

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Furthermore, Abu Dhabi Miral SeaWorld will be home to six distinct realms. This will reportedly tell a unified and immersive “One Ocean” story. Reportedly, the story will show the interconnectivity between all life on Earth and our oceans. “We are connected to the Ocean, and the Ocean connects all of us.”

Aim for the project

In collaboration with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Abu Dhabi Miral SeaWorld aims to bring the next generation of marine life theme parks to Yas Island. It will be home to the UAE’s first dedicated marine research, rescue, rehabilitation, and return centre providing facilities to support regional and global conservation efforts.

The research centre will serve as an advanced knowledge harbour for researchers, scientists, and marine conservationists to better understand and protect the region’s marine life and ecosystem. The research will include live studies into indigenous Gulf species such as dugongs and sea turtles. It will thus further contribute to the global marine science community.