Discovery Adventures Centre project on Saudi Arabia set to launch soon

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The world’s very first Discovery Adventures Centre Project is officially set to launch soon in Saudi Arabia. The brand new adventure center will open in Al Hamra in Riyadh. More specially, the indoor adventure center will be within SEVEN’s entertainment destination.

The project’s exclusive partnership agreement was signed by Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN) with Warner Bros. Additionally, SEVEN also partnered with the leading agency in experience design as well as entertainment strategy, Mycotoo. The agency will develop as well as design the discovery center.

Discovery Adventures Centre to be a first of its kind

The discovery center will span a total area of about 3,000 meters squared. Impressively, the Discovery Adventures Centre Project strives to deliver not just an adventure center but an experience filled with thrill and wonder.

While commenting on the project, the Chairman of SEVEN acknowledged Warner Bros as a key partner for the project. Abdullah Al Dawood further added that the project marks a new and significant milestone accomplishment for Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the Chairman noted, the project is a reaffirmation of Saudi’s position as a leader within the entertainment sector.

Furthermore, the project plays a key role in the overall development of Al Hamra, a well-known entertainment destination within the region. The location is projected to feature approximately, 167,000 meters of adventure and entertainment that are spread across ten fascinating zones.

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The Discovery Adventures Centre Project is set to offer unique and exciting entertainment attractions. Furthermore, its’ design will be specifically tailored to meet the creative aspirations as well as the expectation of the community. Additionally, the discovery center will feature experiences best suited for the young as well as the elderly.

After Riyadh, the discovery adventure center has already set in place plans, to open in 14 cities across 21 locations. These include Al-Kahrj, Dammam, Yanbu, Makkah, Khobar, and Jeddah. Al-Ahsa, Buraidah, Tabuk, and Madinah are also a part of the list.