Proposed state-of-the-art King Faisal Corniche project in Bahrain approved

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The proposed state-of-the-art King Faisal Corniche project in Bahrain has been approved. The project was approved by the Capital Trustees Board. Its plans were under the recommendation of the Housing and Urban Planning Agriculture Ministry.

In a nutshell, it will feature light sports and cycling tracks, investment spaces as well as family rest areas. Moreover, it will also include a monument for the Supreme Council for Women (SCW).

On behalf of the Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture Ministry, the Works Ministry will oversee the project’s development. During the board’s most recent meeting, a presentation revealed that the Corniche Project In Bahrain will be tendered this month.

Thereafter, it will be awarded in August, while the contract’s signing will be by October. After which, its construction is set to begin in December.

The Corniche Project In Bahrain Serves As A Sea-Themed Gem To The Region

In total, the project’s budget is about $13.2 million. The development strives to create a vibrant and unique waterfront environment. Its proposed master plan spans 67,000 square meters. Quite impressively, its construction will include a multi-million dinar expansion of a seafront mall, The Avenues Bahrain.

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As a result, it will contribute to the addition of about 444,000 square feet of leasable space. Moreover, the expansion will include two entertainment areas, 244 units, basement parking, and a supermarket. This in turn will bring the total leasable area to about 851,000 square feet. Alongside the mall’s extension, the project will take it a step further and feature new sections. These include the Forum, Souk, Grand Plaza, and Electra.

A member of the Capital Trustees Board, while commenting on the project expressed enthusiasm and confidence towards its construction. Dr. Bashar Ahmedi further encouraged the Corniche Project In Bahrain to explore unique sea-themed ideas such as boat restaurants, as well as sea taxis.

In addition to floating markets and ferries. Besides, Bashar Ahmed noted, Bahrain does not have a versatile array of sea-themed projects. Thus, the Corniche Project In Bahrain serves as a gem for the region.

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