New luxury shopping and entertainment hub, VIA Riyadh, to open in Saudi Arabia

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A new luxury shopping and entertainment hub dubbed VIA Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is set to open in the coming days. This is according to Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA).

Aiming to offer unique and exceptional hospitality alongside live performance, accommodation, and services to visitors seeking for premium experiences, VIA Riyadh is located near the Ritz-Carlton, in the 4th district.

The development features 22 luxury stores as well as a five-star hotel. In addition it has 15 F&B outlets, an international food market, and seven cinemas. Moreover, the project will feature a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and a spa. 

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Notewothy, the first-ever branch of the St. Regis Riyadh will be featured as a component of the luxury hub. In total, it will include 83 rooms, of which 23 will be suites.

The development of the VIA Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

Reportedly, construction of the Salmani-style development took about 20 months to complete.

Its design process includes six core values. These are livability, sustainability, and continuity alongside innovation and human-centricity. Additionally, the project integrates and incorporates modern lifestyles while evoking the architectural heritage and local identity of the region.

Similar to Boulevard Riyadh City, the VIA Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is said to potentially be one of the permanent zones within the capital. The project is also a part of a larger initiative under the Saudi Vision 2030 plan. The latter aims to modernize the country and to develop its entertainment sector, in an effort to further diversify its economy.