Construction of environmentally friendly Toivo Group apartments in Honkasuo begins

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The construction of a total of 17 environmentally friendly Toivo Group apartments in Honkasuo, Helsinki, Finland, has begun.

The project is spearheaded by Toivo Group Oyj, a Finland-based housing developer, builder, and owner. Especially, the company is focused on housing development, construction, and long-term ownership.

Reportedly, Toivo expedited the launch of the apartments project due to the high demand and rapid sales rate.

The Toivo Group apartments in Honkasuo to affordable family living

At an estimated value of approximately €5.5 million, Toivo Group Oyj plans to build the terraced houses using wood on a plot of land leased from the City of Helsinki. The houses have been meticulously designed to meet the needs of families of various sizes. Each apartment will feature its own terrace, garden, and sauna, emphasizing comfort and affordability in the design.

Petter Ruuskanen, Toivo’s project development manager, and Tommi Peltola, the design director, stated, “The design process aimed to create family apartments that are as comfortable and affordable as possible.

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The inclusion of large windows allows for abundant natural light, creating a spacious and comfortable living environment. This project, developed in collaboration with the City of Helsinki, will result in a unique complex of terraced houses.”

Markus Myllymäki, CEO of Toivo, expressed satisfaction with the location of the regional construction site, situated between the ring roads, which aligns perfectly with the company’s strategic goals.

Myllymäki added, “We are delighted to witness the demand for environmentally friendly and affordable family apartments, regardless of market conditions.”