UAE-based Jubail Island Launches $1 Billion Bada Al Jubail: A Beachfront Gated Community in Abu Dhabi

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UAE-based Jubail Island Investment Company has launched a $1B beachfront gated community in Abu Dhabi, Bada Al Jubail. The company has launched one of the village residentials in Jubail Island, a $1.09 billion beachfront gated community in Abu Dhabi. The development of the project spans over 446,000 square meters of land with eight kilometers of beachfrontage. The beachfront gated community land plots range between 2,000 and 6,000 square meters. It also entails nine typologies of mansions. The newly launched community also includes a 30-yard marina and water sports activities.

Furthermore, it includes a yacht club, a member’s lounge, a cigar bar, and cycle tracks. The gated community will also provide residents with jogging paths, a wellness center and spa, a fitness center, and even a kids club. Residents who will reside in the community will have access to Jubail Island’s amenities which include private schools, a beach club, and restaurants. They will also have access to amenities such as 1.4 million square meters of parks and open spaces. The completion of Bada Al Jubail is set to open its gates to residents by the end of 2027.

The Contractors Involved in the Delivery of Bada Al Jubail Gated Community

The Bada Al Jubail beachfront gated community is one of the six residential villages that will be housed on Jubail Island. LEAD Real Estate Developer manages the project’s construction, implementation, and delivery.  The Jubail Island master-planned project is expected to be an idyllic collection of villages. The Bada Al Jubail community is one of these villages located between Yas Island and Saadiyat Island. The project, once completed, will become Abu Dhabi’s leading sanctuary, designed to appeal to wellness and nature enthusiasts. The eco-friendly environment of Jubail Island makes it ideal, positioned amid the rich biodiversity of the mangroves. The luxury project will span 2,800 hectares. It will also be home to more than 10,000 residents providing them with a range of facilities and social amenities.Jubail Island announces Bada Al Jubail

The Significance of the Launch of the Gated Community

The launch of Bada Al Jubail island as a beachfront gated community shows dedication to the construction project. The other village residents include Marfaa Al Jubail, Nal Al Dhabi, Seef Al Jubail, Souk Al Jubail, and Ain Al Maha. The launch and completion of Bada Al Jubail show that the contracted company is dedicated to seeing the project through. The launched beachfront gated community prides itself in first-class resort facilities in a magnificent setting, there are hotels, spas, and wellness centers spread across the immaculate coastline. Jubail Island is a neighborhood unlike any other as it aims to ensure it maintains biodiversity and is eco-friendly. The island project encapsulates stunning beauty with its surrounding ecosystem as well as supporting a diversity of wildlife.Bada Al Jubail Island

The Support of Corporate Sustainability Events in Abu Dhabi

In the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Jubail Island is related to the environment and sustainability. As part of COP 28, corporations can plan to host their sustainable events and initiatives on the island, with the enchanting mangroves as a backdrop. Jubail Island offers a unique opportunity for corporations to showcase their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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