Ambitious Renovation Plans Unveiled for Cardiff’s Historic Central Market

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Extensive renovation plans for the iconic Cardiff’s Historic Central Market have been announced by the Cardiff Council. Reportedly, the aim of the project is to secure a vibrant and sustainable future for the Grade II* Listed building.

Established in 1891 and owned by Cardiff Council, the Central Market attracts 2.2 million visitors annually. Moreover, it houses 61 independent businesses, ranging from fishmongers and greengrocers to street food stands.

Cardiff’s Historic Central Market Project Scope

The submitted planning permission application outlines various restoration elements. These include refurbishing the Trinity Street and St Mary Street entrances and repairing the roof. In addition, it includes repairing original windows, and external elevations, and replacing glazing and tiles.

Moreover, the market’s interior, including the historic stalls, will undergo improvements. Removing a 1960s ‘false floor’ at the Trinity Street entrance to reveal the original design is planned as well.

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Furthermore, the project includes the installation of roof-mounted solar panels with integrated battery storage. It also entails repairs to the H.Samuel market clock, a new activity and an education room. Lastly, it features drainage improvements and the implementation of energy-efficient LED lighting.

Expectations for the project

If the plans receive approval, work is expected to commence in the summer of 2024. It will take approximately two years to complete. The Council intends to keep the market open throughout the renovation process. Some traders will temporarily be relocated to nearby accommodations.

Cllr Russell Goodway, Cabinet Member for Investment & Development, expressed the council’s commitment to preserving the market’s heritage and ensuring its longevity as a bustling hub in the city centre.

The renovation plans aim to provide Cardiff Market with a viable and sustainable future, catering to customers for many years.