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Construction of the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital is set to start

Progress continues for the upcoming Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital construction start, as key milestones have been reached, bringing the project closer to realization. Recently, a designated construction company was appointed, and the latest business case received approval. Situated on the biomedical campus in Trumpington, the hospital holds the potential to transform cancer care through comprehensive collaboration.

Cambridge University Hospitals, the University of Cambridge, and the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre form a partnership aimed at advancing cancer detection and treatment methods. The collective vision encompasses early diagnosis, precise therapeutic approaches, and ultimately, heightened patient survival rates.

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Renowned figures within the field, including Professor Richard Gilbertson, who leads the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital and heads the University of Cambridge’s Department of Oncology, expressed excitement for this pivotal step. “This is an exciting stride in our journey to combat cancer,” Professor Gilbertson shared, capturing the shared sentiment.

Construction start date for the new Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital

Construction for the new Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital is set to start in 2024. At the same time, they’re working carefully on the detailed business plan to make the hospital’s plans even better. This fits with the big plan of the government to build 40 new hospitals in England by 2030. The New Hospital Program to build new 40 hospitals will cost the government £20 billion to complete.

The hospital’s design, skillfully crafted by NBBJ and engineered by AECOM, underwent rigorous planning. Thus, a comprehensive planning application was submitted to the Cambridge City Council in January, with a decision anticipated later this year.

Leading the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital construction effort is Laing O’Rourke. A company with an impressive portfolio of 18 major hospitals constructed post 2010. Rory Pollock, healthcare sector leader at the firm, emphasized their commitment to modern construction methods for optimal efficiency.

Additionally, the initiative stems was a response from concerns over the use of structurally fragile materials, including reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), in hospital construction projects. This prudent response addresses previous issues, exemplified by Hitchingbrooke in Huntingdon.

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