Middlesbrough Central Mosque to be Constructed, Plans Laid Out

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Middlesbrough Central Mosque Construction Plans have been set together with the council for the construction of a new mosque after it was revealed that the worshipers in Middleborough were worshiping at a nearby car park. During the early start of this year, the chairman in charge of the Middlesbrough Central Mosque, Gohar Isan stated that they had to do away with worshiping outside the car park in Southfield road as people were worshiping outside even in the cold season of winter.

Middlesbrough Central Mosque Construction Plan

They have submitted a mosque proposal to the Middlesbrough council which entails details of a brand new scheme. Just in case the plans are given a green light to proceed, it will see the construction of a new five-storey building that will have a mosque, a community center and also a café will be built. The building will also include an outdoor roof terrace, three flats for hosting students and a basement car park that will be able to contain multiple cars.

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The mosque is going to serve the needs of everyone in the community as there was no building as such in the North East. According to Mr Ihsan this project is not only going to be a mosque but behind it is an even broader vision of developing a community hub. Furthermore, he added by saying that this is going to be the most productive mosque in delivery of service and in interaction throughout the country as a whole.

This is quite a big claim from the Muslim community but still they remain to be confident this will come to pass and they shall deliver it in any means. Currently, the community experiences people praying outside even in the rains despite being freezing cold. During the summer season, there are usually a lot of people and the area is usually totally crowded. Lastly, being a part of this project the current existing mosque will have to be demolished.