Waterpark finally ready to open its doors 16 years after the announcement in UK.

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A waterpark in UK, with a price tag may finally be ready to open its doors 16 years after the announcement. Construction of the attraction began back in 2008 with an investment of millions of pounds leading up to its upcoming grand opening.

Construction Cost

A substantial sum of €26 million (£21.4 million) has been allocated to the project despite delays in its opening.
Originally slated for a 2015 debut as part of efforts to boost tourism in the region the waterpark is now on track for completion.

The official website promises a range of attractions including an swimming pool – a rare feature in the Iberian Peninsula – along with a lazy river and wave pool.
Dubbed as Parque Aquático do Almargem this theme park will offer slides, a playground, spa facilities and an outdoor pool.


In addition to these amenities entertainment options such as bowling alleys and a disco are planned for guests enjoyment.
Several dining options were also envisioned for the waterpark. Have faced setbacks due to constraints.
Authorities have issued a deadline by year end for owners to decide on the parks fate; otherwise it may face demolition despite being, through construction.

Media reported that the municipality aims to finish the process and make sure the infrastructure is ready, for use in the area. The mayor decided that if the work isn’t completed the owner, Manuel Cruz will need to start taking it down.

Manuel Cruz insists that the project is still ongoing and not abandoned. However he mentioned that there are some issues and challenges to deal with.

He expressed his efforts to resolve the problem soon as possible within existing limitations. Cruz mentioned negotiations, with Turismo de Portugal. Hopes to finalize all necessary conditions by this quarter for a set timeline of operations.

Completion date

His goal is to have everything resolved by the end of 2024.
If you’re residing in the UK there’s an attraction, in northern England. Therme Manchester is gearing up to be the UKs pioneer waterpark, spa and wellness sanctuary with a £250 million investment slated for completion by 2025.

The waterpark will boast 25 pools, 30 water slides and recent proposals hint at the addition of water slides that protrude, from the structure well.

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