$500M Wells Fargo Construction on Regional Campus Tops Out in Irving

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Construction of Wells Fargo’s $500 million construction on its regional campus has topped out in Irving.  The Dallas developer topped out construction at the office project. The company has put the finishing touches on what signals the mid-construction point for the financial institution’s campus. The campus is located at 401W  Las Colinas Blvd on 22 acres overlooking Lake Carolyn. San Francisco-headquartered Wells Fargo will consolidate multiple offices across North Texas. Once completed, the facility will cover 850,000 square feet of area. About 3,000 people are expected to work at the two-building lakeside complex. The facility will also feature a large parking garage that will facilitate the hosting of its staff and students. Focus will soon turn to the interiors at the campus, set to cater to employees with amenities. This will include barista-style coffee, a food hall with open-view cooking stations, and a library. It will also entail well-being rooms and gyms.

The Scope of the $500M Wells Fargo Regional Campus

Wells Fargo Regional campus is expected to open its doors in 2025. The construction of the campus started early last year. The campus expects it will be able to generate more energy than it consumes. This will be implemented through the use of solar panels, electrical vehicle charging stations, and native plantings. This is all done in the pursuit of a LEED platinum certification. “Together with Wells Fargo and the development team, we are creating a space that makes employees the priority,” KDC CEO Steve Van Amburgh said in a statement. The construction company has brought other companies on board to facilitate with the construction. This includes Corgan, Kimley Horn, and even Austin Commercial.

The Significance of the Campus Project

Wells Fargo plans to make $455 million in capital investments in the 22-acre Irving campus. It also aims to create 650 jobs. The campus will bring together most of Wells Fargo’s 3,000 local employees. The offices are spread across several offices in the region, according to Tanya Sanders, the firm’s head of auto. Wells Fargo will have a company at its new campus, Mirasol Capital. It is planning a 17-acre mixed-use project adjacent to it. It will entail an “elevated multifamily living experience,” retail, and public open space along the lakefront. It will also include an additional 400,000 square feet of class-A office space. It will complement Toyota Music Factory’s entertainment district.

The Contractors Involved in the Campus Project

The construction of the Wells Fargo regional campus has brought along Dallas-Fort Worth to facilitate in financial services. The company has been recognized as a mecca for financial services companies and jobs over the past decade. Research from commercial real estate services firm JLL shows the region was second to New York in job postings between 2021 and 2023. D-FW totaled 64,191 job postings to New York’s 129,072 during the two years. Other financial institutions in the area are rethinking their office spaces like Wells Fargo.

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