Aecom Chosen for $1.5 Billion Susquehenna River-Rail Bridge Project in US and Mid Cornwall Metro in UK

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Aecom has managed to secure two major contracts including the Susquehenna River-Rail Bridge Project that entail the support of the development and design works of very crucial rail infrastructure in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The first contract that was won entails a £29 million tender which requires the company to take the planned Mid Cornwall Metro through to the detailed design stage of the metro project.

The upcoming new coast to coast rail service will bring about a transport corridor that is sustainable that passes through the central Cornwall by upgrading the existing links between four largest towns of Cornwall namely: Falmouth, Newquay, St Austell, and Truro.

This newly signed contract of Aecom is an implementation agreement that foresees “to develop infrastructure improvements that aim to support a rise in the train services situated on the Newquay Branch, extending the train services to the Cornwall Main Line and going all the way to the Falmouth Branchline.” This agreement covers for all the designing services that include a detailed design that will be upheld until the project is completed.

The designs for re-installing of a second platform situated at Newquay that will be able to accommodate even the local services with retaining the pre-existing current platform will also be a task to be done by Aecom. Other works that will be a part of the project will be inclusive of the installation works of a passing loop at the Newquay branch line and replacing the level crossings situated at the Trencreek & Chapel regions.

Aecom has been tasked with the responsibility of supplying a design package that addresses the issues revolving around deliverability, the costs, and contingencies for the potential cost overrun that may be incurred, a strategy that will be implemented to ensure the delivery and the draft implementation agreement for the delivery of the works and the approximate cost breakdowns for the works of infrastructure that need to be put in place to ensure the delivery of the Mid Cornwall Metro scheme.

Aecom Contract in US

On the other side of the Atalntic, a team lead by Aecom has been chosen by Amtrak to provide support of the development of the $1.5 billion Susquehanna River Rail Bridge Project. This project is expected to improve the rail connectivity and safety at the US Northeast Corridor by replacing the 117-year old two-track bridge, situated in Maryland, with another two brand new bridges so as to increase the capacity and reliability of the freight trains and passenger trains.

Significance of the Susquehenna River-Rail Bridge Project

In this role awarded to Aecom, the company will be providing a wide range of professional services which include, project management, coordinating of the design, stakeholder coordination services, and lastly schedule management.

According to the CEO of Aecom for the US East and Latin America region said that the complexity of the Susquehenna River-rail Bridge Project shall need a team that is able to combine the global expertise with local perspective and be able to mobilize the right disciplines and resources.

The improvement of the rail options across the regions in the US is very critical for the progress of the nation. The upcoming Susquehenna River Bridge project will enable this by bringing forth a reduction in the number of trips  and therefore improving the reliability for both the freight and passenger trains that solely depend on this crucial connection.

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