A New Leaf to build a $30M affordable senior housing in Mesa

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A Mesa-based non-profit organization, A New Leaf, plans to build a $30M affordable senior houses in Mesa, Arizona. The project is aimed at constructing affordable housing units for local seniors and veterans in Mesa. With the approval of zoning changes on a one-acre plot by the Mesa City Council, Phase 4 of the La Mesita housing complex will soon commence construction. Phase 4 of the La Mesita housing complex will consist of two floors, housing a total of 54 affordable units-48 studio units and six one-bedroom units. The existing campus will seamlessly connect these units, allowing residents to access vital services such as financial literacy training and a range of enriching activities.

To fund this ambitious project, A New Leaf plans to utilize the resources provided by the American Rescue Plan Act. And apply for a low-income housing tax credit from the state’s housing department. The organization is also set to receive support from the city of Mesa, to support their $30M affordable senior housing project. With $1 million in federal funds allocated for the fiscal year 2024 through the HOME Investment Partnership Program. However, securing the tax credit from the state and obtaining City Council approval are necessary steps to access this funding.

A New Leaf’s Commitment to Affordable Senior Housing in Mesa

Kathy DiNolfi, A New Leaf’s chief program officer, notes an increase in the demand for housing assistance and financial aid among seniors. Including support with utility bills. Thus, the need for the projects like this “the $30M affordable senior housing project.” The organization’s mission is to provide affordable housing to alleviate financial burdens and meet the broader needs of residents. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by veterans and seniors. Phase 4 of the La Mesita housing complex will reserve 10 units specifically for veterans. This emphasis on tailored support underscores A New Leaf’s commitment to creating a nurturing community.

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With projects like the new $30M affordable housing for the seniors in Mesa, A New Leaf aims to strike a balance between affordability and project sustainability. Rental fees are projected to range from $300 to $500 per unit, ensuring accessibility for those in need. With construction expected to commence before the end of the year, A New Leaf remains optimistic about the project’s timeline. Through their dedication and determination, the organization seeks to provide affordable housing solutions. And also to empower local seniors and veterans, fostering a sense of security, stability, and community.