New Senior Housing Project Starts in Douglas County, Colorado

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The new senior affordable housing in Douglas County is meant for seniors who are 55 years old or older and need affordable housing. Ulysses Development Group has started building a new housing project called Meadowmark in Douglas County . Meadowmark will have 200 units and will be located near North Meadows Drive. It is the third-largest affordable housing community for seniors in Douglas County in the past ten years.

Gruskin and Larr, partners and co-founders of Ulysses Development Group, spent a lot of time talking to different people in Douglas County. They spoke with business owners, regular citizens, people from the school district, elected officials, and community leaders. They found out that there is a shortage of affordable housing options in Douglas County and Castle Rock, even though the area is growing.

Larr explained that many people have jobs and make money, but they can’t afford to buy a home in the expensive housing market, which costs around $800,000 to $900,000. This means that there is a problem with finding affordable homes for these people. Thus, the new affordable housing in Douglas County, Colorado is key to addressing the concern.

The new affordable senior housing project in Douglas County, Colorado

The new Meadowmark community will be a smaller neighborhood with 200 units. It will have a clubhouse, a kitchen, a community center, a fitness center, and a yoga deck. The units will be built to a high standard and will have features like stone countertops, heating, and air conditioning. The buildings will also be ready to switch to all-electric power when that technology becomes available.

The CEO of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, Stacy Garmon, said that seniors are important to the local economy. People who are 55 years old or older make up 12% of the workforce in Castle Rock, and they contribute to economy.

Maria Ciano, said that this new senior affordable housing in Douglas County will help many people. The organization’s goal is to help communities grow and succeed by finding new and creative ways to build houses.

The new Meadowmark community is expected to open in the second half of 2024. People will be able to apply for a home there six months before it opens. It’s a good example of what can happen when people work together to solve housing problems.