Renovations on Cobbs Hill Village Apartment in New York begins

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The Cobbs Hill Village Apartment project which was in the works for years has finally commenced in New York. The property owner, Rochester Management, intends to convert the already existing motel-style complex into a two-building, 80-unit community. However, this $36.9 million renovation initiative will be completed in three phases.

Rochester’s CEO and president, Peggy Hill, said his company was excited to provide better amenities for the Cobbs Hill Village Apartment. Earlier on, he said his company made a commitment to make the apartments more modern for the existing 60 residents. But in addition to this, Hill said the project would also provide more senior housing.

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The developer mentioned that the renovations will not displace the current residents at the Cobbs Hill Village Apartment. Therefore, the existing 60 affordable senior housing units on the property will be preserved. Additionally, the rents of these current residents will not increase for the entire duration of their stay as tenants.

The nearly 7-decade-old Cobbs Hill Village property houses a string of apartments adjacent to Cobbs Hill Park’s softball fields. However, the units are small and lack basic conveniences. According to Hill the walls, floors and ceiling are concrete and the air quality in the units is poor. He also said the units are quite small, making it impossible to integrate ADA-compliant features.

Development plans for Cobbs Hill Village

The units on the Cobbs Hill Village property will undergo several upgrades and size modifications. Presently, studio apartments occupy just 378 square feet, but the new studio sizes will increase to 650 square feet. Additionally, the current one-bedroom unit size of 540 square feet will also increase to 715 square feet.

The new additions to the community will also include some two-bedroom units occupying about 1,030 square feet. SWBR, a designer with expertise in creating practical senior housing is responsible for the design plan of the new community.

Pike Construction will handle the construction work for the three-phased Cobbs Hill Village project. The initial phase of the project will involve building a three-story, 40-unit building on vacant land. Afterwards, three existing buildings will be demolished for the second phase and another three-story, 40-unit building will be built. The final phase will bring new 24 townhouse units to the community.

The developer expects each phase to reach completion in about a year, with phase I set for delivery by spring 2024.