The Bar Center at the Beach renovations completed, Venice Beach, LA

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The Bar Center at the Beach Renovations has come to it’s completion after Del Amo Construction renovated it is a higher community hub for The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, is now open and has exciting new places to meet, connect, and live. The Del Amo construction team was selected to deliver a design that not only better meets the diverse needs of its residents, but also enhances the center’s presence on Venice Beach’s famous promenade.

The BAR Center at the Beach Is a complete refurbishment of the former Israel Levin Center, built in 1927 and originally used as a dance hall, which has undergone numerous expansions and renovations over the years. Including the evacuation of its moment floor taking after extreme harm brought about by the 1994 Northridge seismic tremor. As a result, the building had ended up to some degree of a ‘Frankenstein’, which gave rise to different challenges all through the development handle.

Challenges faced on refurbishment of the former Israel Levin Center

One of the main constructability challenges that Del Amo Construction had to overcome while renovating a century-Old Building was the existing site conditions, including working directly on the Venice beach and working in more confined areas. Because the building’s original foundation was built on sand, the team had to use an offset and cantilever support system to hold the existing walls in place while the new foundation and slabs were assembled. The team always paid close attention to the shoring plan to ensure that the existing brick walls could withstand new construction activities.

With the centuries-old structure in mind, Del Amo Construction also needed to find a way to incorporate the original brick walls into the new center while enhancing its structural integrity. The team chose to use a fabric reinforced cement matrix (FRCM) to encapsulate the existing brick wall and provide additional structural strength to support the new floor above it. New materials and constructability approaches such as FRCM have enabled the construction team to provide the Greater Los Angeles Jewish Federation with new buildings that are structurally sound for generations to come.

Completion of this century-old building at Venice will accommodates the diverse needs of the populations it serves, but also enhances the building’s presence on the iconic Venice Beach boardwalk and brings new life and vibrance to the area. With its increased capacity and usability, its reach is projected to extend past Venice to greater LA’s Jewish community at large. Furthermore, in keeping with the neighborhood’s rich history, the center offers programming for all to experience and enjoy, regardless of religion.

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