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Construction set to begin soon on US$2 billion American Heartland theme park

Leaders in Vinita, Oklahoma, say groundbreaking on American Heartland, a planned $2 billion theme park development is imminent and construction jobs are already getting filled. It’s been about two months since news broke about a developer’s plans to build a Disneyland-sized theme park in the small town of Vinita. The park will take up a 1,000 acre tract of land. It is located just off the Will Rogers Turnpike and historic Route 66.

American Heartland is set to be built in phases. Further, the RV park expected to be complete in spring 2025 followed by the theme park in 2026. The project is being developed by American Heartland, an affiliate of Manson Entertainment Group, a leading Branson, Missouri-based company.

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More features around the American Heartland Theme Park

Adjacent to the theme park will be the 320-acre Three Ponies RV Park and Campground. Moreover, these are anticipated to be the largest campground in the Central United States. The RV resort will feature 300 cabins, 750 RV spaces, and on-site amenities.

It’ll come complete with roller coasters, an indoor water park, a four-star hotel. The announcement came with a lot of skeptics who doubted a park of that magnitude would ever come to a town like Vinita. And to those skeptics, Vinita mayor Josh Lee says one thing. “If this is going to be a hoax, it’ll be the most elaborate hoax in the history of hoaxes,” Lee said. Additionally, he says the park is very much happening – and the work behind-the-scenes already has been non-stop. “There’s meeting or phone calls probably out of out five days of the week,” he said.

Furthermore, Lee says the park’s developer, Branson-based Mansion Entertainment, already has the funding secured to pay for the park’s construction. He says they picked Crossland Construction to build the project, and Thursday they took a major step toward getting dirt moving.

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