Construction of New Epic Academy School in Chicago given City Council approval

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The planned construction of the New Epic Academy School at the former St. Michael’s school building, which is located at 8231 S. South Shore has been approved. The approval was made by the Chicago City Council.

As part of the project, a three-story convent and a one-story auxiliary structure to the south will be torn down. Additionally, two residential properties will be replaced by an addition on the north side of the structure.

Using history and the past as a springboard for the future, architects JGMA have led the design process with the aim of building a state-of-the-art school. With the new four-story addition on the north side of the building, their design pays tribute to the previous school while giving the children a fresh experience.

The new addition includes a new entry to connect with the community and underscore the new feeling for students. Programmatically, the majority of the classrooms will remain in the original structure. However, the extension will contain areas that will link the school with the community and families.

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To encourage people to climb the structure and engage with the community while maximizing the view as a perk, the gym has been elevated to the summit.

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All of the facades of the new extension, which was planned in the round, will be covered in a terracotta rain screen system. It provides a vertical rhythm that draws inspiration from the original structure. The new building’s entrance is recessed at an angle when it faces the community and the students. This provides a vibrant new entry area.

In terms of sustainability, the building will achieve LEED Silver or above. This is in addition to other methods to satisfy the city’s requirements for sustainable development. Among the tactics are going above and beyond the energy code, placing solar panels on the roof and exceeding stormwater legislation.

The New Epic Academy School to plant trees and create green roofs. It will cut back on indoor water consumption, offer bike parking, protect birds, and be close to public transportation. The school intends to move into the building by 2024 or 2025, however, fundraising efforts are still ongoing.