Google is building a $1B data center campus in Mesa, Arizona

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Google’s $1 billion data center campus in southeast Mesa has officially entered the construction phase, marking an exciting milestone for the project. Spanning over 185 acres on the northwest corner of Sossaman and Elliot roads. This ambitious endeavor holds great significance for Google’s future operations. Mesa Economic Development Director Bill Jabjiniak commended Google’s substantial investment in the Elliot Road Technology Corridor, emphasizing the positive impact on Mesa’s economy. He highlighted the city’s focus on critical infrastructure development, which has attracted leading technology companies and advanced manufacturers. Thus, generating high-paying jobs and significant investments.

To facilitate the project, Google entered into a government property lease excise tax (GPLET) agreement with Mesa. This arrangement allows the land to be leased to Google under a 25-year term, resulting in reduced property taxes. The GPLET agreement includes specific commitments from Google, such as completing the first phase of the data center development by July 2025. With designated capital expenditures and taxable construction costs.

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More on the Google Data Center Campus Project in Mesa

The first phase of Google’s data center entails the construction of a 288,530-square-foot data center building, a utility switchyard, a medium voltage substation, a security kiosk at the site entry, upgrades to public roads, and an employee office building. Additionally, the site plan outlines future stages, totaling 750,000 square feet. According to Google, the data center in Mesa will play a crucial role in fuelling the company’s core features such as Search, Gmail, Maps, and ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence.

Google has further obligations outlined in the development agreement with Mesa. By 2027, the company must invest a total of $800 million including taxable construction costs.  And also have constructed 500,000 square feet of development. By 2029, the minimum investment is set at $1 billion, with additional taxable building costs and 750,000sq of development. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2030. Google ensures an average yearly compensation of at least $65,000 for full-time data center employees.

The construction of Google’s data center campus in Mesa signifies a substantial commitment by the company to expand its infrastructure. And further, enhance its digital services. As the project progresses, it will undoubtedly contribute to the economic growth of Mesa.