Ringling College of Art and Design to build new US$95 million center

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The city of Sarasota has approved the development of a multimillion-dollar academic and event centre on the Ringling College of Art and Design campus.

At its meeting on Wednesday, the Sarasota Planning Board authorised proposals for a Signature Academic Building. The four-story, 100,000-square-foot structure will serve as a welcome centre, event area, and hub for academic labs and faculty offices.

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Construction will begin in April and will be completed in 2027. The construction expenditures are projected to be $95 million.

With a contemporary architecture and clear glass windows, the structure will serve as an official entry point to Ringling’s campus. It will present an iconic picture of the college across more than two acres. Academically, it will provide labs and studio space for all students. It will, however, will prioritise those specialising in technology, such as computer animation, virtual reality, game art, entertainment design, and others, according to Ringling Associate Vice President of Facilities Tracy Wagner.

More features at the Ringling College of Art and Design academic center

The centre will also act as a welcome centre for potential students as well as a cohesive meeting area for students, both of which Wagner claims Ringling lacks. Ringling will destroy the Glen Fine Arts structure and the sculpture studio to make way for the academic structure.

Ringling’s master plan plans for the construction of a new academic building once the institution reaches 1,750 students. Wagner stated that there are 1,720 students enrolled as of the start of the academic year. The site proposal was accepted unanimously by the board, who complimented Ringling’s attempts to incorporate a distinctive, eye-catching design. Board Chair Dan Clermont stated that the facility would not only assist the Ringling community but will also serve as a beacon for tourists from out of town.

The school just erected a 1,200-square-foot esports arena. The school authorities say would help the school’s video game teams get a leg up on other collegiate contests. They estimated that the arena would cost about $200,000 to build.